Blast from the Past: RWV Rotating Wah

Back in the day, in the mid 70’s that is, we had a very cool pedal on the product roster with three main purposes: Volume, Wah and Rotating effects. Please meet – or rediscover – the RWV!

What made this pedal unique both visually and soundwise was the rotating sound effect that was designed to emulate a Leslie cabinet that was meant to be used with organs, but had also become popular among guitarists. Since the Leslie is a very big piece of gear, this was mostly possible to use in the studio so there was a demand for a more stage and rehearsal space-friendly alternative.

As mentioned, the Rotating Wah Volume featured classic Morley Volume and Wah functionality, but in order to nail the Leslie sound, this pedal actually had a small rotating device, which could be controlled using an INTENSITY knob located on the side of the pedal and a Variation Lever on top of the box would control the Depth of Rotation, creating a cool Doppler effect.


Did you know that a play on name ‘Leslie’ actually lent itself to the Morley name? Well it did: The less / more, more / less phrase eventually turned into: Mor(ley) / (Les)lie! 🙂


In conclusion, we have been around for many decades and we’re proud of our past creations, just like we pride ourselves with the fact that we have continued to follow the overall path of making great-sounding pedals, but always improve them without sacrificing tone or quality. For example, we have developed optical circuits and switchless designs, but never messe with the classic Morley sound!

Check out this cool video demo of the original RWV created by John Aselin. Thanks for a great demo of this classic piece of gear.

And if you like that kind of sound in a pedal, you should definitely check out our Stereo Chorus Volume that also gives you Volume and Wah, plus a modulation effect. In this case, it’s a delicious, swirly chorus effect, but it can be set to enter the rotating territory. Obviously in its own unique way, but nonetheless worth checking out if you are looking for a single pedal to cater for your Volume, Wah and Sweet-Modulating needs.



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