Real Testimonials From Real People Who Use Ebtech® Products!


“Just wanted to drop you a line and express my satisfaction with one of your products.I recently added a new sub woofer to my home entertainment system.

Of course the second I turned it on there it was-that irritating 60 Hz hum. I know what it is from but the way my system is configured it was going to be a real pain to fix.

When I found your Hum Exterminator unit I was skeptical it would do the trick but I ordered one anyway. When I plugged this thing in and turned my sub on I was amazed NO HUM, not even a little hum. The sub was so quiet I had to check and make sure it was on. Great product – Thanks!”

(R. Denison – Bend, Oregon USA)



“I’ve been on the presidential campaign trail for the last year with FOX NEWS and CBS NEWS. Each event that I cover always has a different sound company providing audio to the media, and it sometimes is a nightmare with 60 cycle hum.

If that’s not enough of a challenge, compound that with the internet bloggers that plug in their DV Cams and laptops which  makes the hum even louder than the program audio that’s being fed.

With the use of your Hum Exterminator for AC power on my  mixer and the 2 channel Hum Eliminator for audio, I always take in a clean signal and send out clear audio to the satellite  for live broadcasts.

I also work in network sports, and go from production truck to truck – so before I commit to whatever cable I’m given from the truck, I have your Cable Tester to give me the confidence I need to do my job. In network sports as well as news, they’re both live and we all know one major rule there is never any margin for error.

So thank you very much for thinking about us audio guys and gals out here in the field by making great products that  really work and make our jobs a lot easier.”

(R. Sabini – Northbrook, IL USA)