Paulo Morete | New Morley Artist

We’re proud to welcome International Endorser Paulo Morete of InMune to our family of artists. He has been playing Morley for years, but he is our latest official endorser.

Hailing from Spain, Paulo is not a one-pedal Morley user. At his feet you will find Tremonti Wah, Lynch Dragon 2, Mini Wah Volume and Steve Vai Bad Horsie Wah. We’re guessing they’re not living on the same pedal board, but that each has been chosen for its unique flavor and voicing.

When asked what he likes about Morley, Paulo simply replied: “Tone, quality and durability… Love it!”

Paulo Morete grew up listening to music, and while the music his parents presented to him would be artists like Pink Floyd and The Beatles, he soon developed a taste for rock’n roll, listening to Deep Purple, Bon Jovi and not least Guns’n Roses. In fact, the first album he bought was Appetite for Destruction by Guns’n Roses and his first live concert was with Guns’n Roses back in 1993.

At age 16, Paulo started playing the guitar and has established his first band just a few month later and from then on the rest is history. Guitar became his life and part of that life includes a bunch of Morleys on the board. Check out this InMune video, and watch out for that soaring guitar solo with plenty of Wah, starting at around 3:20!