RIFF LIFE Guitar & Bass Contest

Rev it up, Metallica fans! We’ve partnered with RIFF LIFE Chapter 573 to bring you an amazing contest celebrating the legendary Cliff Burton! Whether you shred on Guitar or lay down the thunder on Bass, now’s your chance to shine and snag some killer prizes! To enter, simply complete these three steps:

  1.  Pick your favorite Cliff Burton Riff and practice it.
  2.  Record a video of you, or you with your band playing your favorite Cliff Burton Riff.
  3. Upload your video to Riff Life’s website within the contest section.
  4. Submit your video by July 7th.

That’s it! After the submission deadline a voting period will take place that will decide the winners for every prize.

“For Whom The Bass Tolls” contest!

We’re accepting up to two entries per contestant: go for glory in the Bass section, the Guitar section, or double your chances and enter both!

Our mantra has always been about playing with passion, so unleash your love for Metallica and let it rip, no matter your skill level.

And hey, feel free to put your unique spin on Cliff’s iconic parts! As Kirk mentioned once, what he prefers is to hear their tunes “through their own filters” rather than “note for note” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/rifflife.club/posts/801494984744093), so be creative!

Record your live performance in a video, upload it to the contest page, and you’re in!

The best part? The fans decide the winners with their votes, so rally your fellow Metalli-fans to support you!

Thanks to our awesome friends at Morley, we’ve got some epic prizes lined up: two Wah Fuzz “Tribute to Cliff Burton” Morley pedals (crafted with the Burton family to nail Cliff’s legendary sound, see https://www.morleyproducts.com/introducing-the-cliff-burton-tribute-power-wah-fuzz), exclusive Burton/Morley T-Shirts, Metallica/Burton goodies …and discount vouchers for all, on the Burton stuffs at the Met Store, for every participants!**

Here’s how the prizes will be distributed* for each of the Guitar and Bass contests:

  • 1st place:
    • Morley Power Wah Fuzz Tribute to Cliff Burton pedal
    • Exclusive Burton/Morley T-Shirt
    • Metallica/Burton Goodies
    • Met Store Discount Voucher
  • 2nd place:
    • Exclusive Burton/Morley T-Shirt
    • Metallica/Burton Goodies
    • Met Store Discount Voucher
  •  3rd place:
    • Exclusive Burton/Morley T-Shirt
    • Metallica/Burton goodies
    • Met Store Discount Voucher
  • 4th – 5th place:
    • Exclusive Burton/Morley T-Shirt
    • Met Store Discount Voucher
  • 6th place and beyond:
    • Met Store Discount Voucher

So get ready to rock the house and show off your best Cliff Burton riffs! Head over to https://riff-life.com/contests to enter and get all the details.

Spread the word on your socials, rally your friends, and let’s make this a tribute to Cliff like no other!

For more info, join our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/rifflife.club, or drop us an email at [email protected].

Metal up your life!


* List of prizes may vary without notice*

*Shipping fees for the won prizes are on the winners*