When it’s time to tune up, it’s usually in between songs. And you don’t want to stall the show. That’s why the Accu-Tuner has a giant LED display and a sturdy steel housing, ensuring that you can rely on it every night as well as tune up fast and get back to rocking out.

Cliff Burton Fuzz Box by Morley Man FX

If you’re looking for Cliff Burton’s growly Fuzz tone, but don’t need the Wah – or don’t have the space on your pedal board for a footpedal, this is all you need. The Cliff Burton Fuzz Box simply gives you the Fuzz side of the Power Fuzz Wah in a compact stomp box.

Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Fuzz Wah

This pedal was created as a tribute to the late great bass player of Metallica, Cliff Burton, who used the original 70’s version. Wah and Fuzz united in a single pedal that is great for all kinds of music whether or not they’re based on specific types of matter!

Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Fuzz Wah Limited Edition

This wah and fuzz pedal was created as a tribute to the late great bass player of Metallica, Cliff Burton, who used the original 70’s version of our Power Fuzz Wah. And this particular version is a limited run of just 500 pedals – 250 optical and 250 M2.

Dual Boost Distortion by Morley Man FX

The Dual Boost Distortion is a classic overdrive, but it also serves multiple purposes. First, tailor your distortion sound, using the Drive, Tone and Level knobs. Now, if you need even more power during solos, use the Boost knob to give you a bump.

M2 Passive Voltage Control / Expression Pedal

This is a one-way pedal. You don’t pass your signal through it, but let it control any parameter supported by devices that has voltage control or an expression pedal input. It could be a digital amp, an effect pedal or a synth.

M2 Wah Volume Pedal

The M2 Wah pedal combines a classic pedal, featuring a cool vintage tone, with a smooth audio taper volume control. A pedal that is ready to take on anything from guitar and bass to keyboards or anything else you’d like to feed it.

Power Wah Volume

Classic Wah sound sharing a space with dedicated Volume control. Our custom MQ2 inductor ensures a super clean tone and the electro-optical design has eliminated the need for having pots that may wear out and get scratchy. Duality at its absolute finest!

Pro Series II Distortion Wah Volume

Why have 3 pedals when you can have a combo, holding all of them!? With this pedal, you get a Wah and a Volume pedal that you can switch between freely. And on top of that, you also get a distortion circuit that you can punch in and out completely independently.

Stereo Chorus Volume Limited Reissue

The Stereo Chorus Volume is a limited reissue. As the name suggests, you can use it as a classic Volume pedal, but it is also a full-blown Stereo Chorus effect pedal. Use the two sides of the pedal in combination or separately.