Worldwide Welcome to New Trio of Morley Pedals


We are truly happy to let y’all know that our new customshop Mini Wah pedals have been very well received by guitar magazines all over the world!

The good word about the custom-made signature pedals by Steve Vai, George Lynch and Kiko Loureiro has spread not only here in the US, being covered by the major mags such as Guitar World and Guitar Player, but also by Total Guitar in the UK, Mixdown in Australia, Accordo Chitarre in Italy  and Frontman Magazine in the Czech Republic. Plus international guitar blogs, including and Vanz Guitars.

As Guitar World noted: “Morley asked each artist to get creative with their respective mini pedal’s appearance. Vai sent in a piece of his own hand-drawn artwork that wraps around the entire pedal (you can see it above.) Lynch wanted a purple and yellow tiger stripe theme, while Loureiro sent in artwork with a Brazilian theme.”

Yep! That’s right. We really brought in the ideas coming from the artists that we work with. We love to hear to them play, of course, but we also listen closely to what they say!




Steve Vai’s Bad Horsie 2 has been a favorite among guitarists for years, so creating an exclusive Custom Shop version of this pedal was a no brainer!

But why not take it a step above and beyond!? Steve is actually not only an iconic guitar player, he is also a brilliant graphics artist. So, the artwork for this Custom Shop pedal was created by Steve himself! Adding yet another personal touch to his unique signature pedal.

You get two foot-selectable Wah modes – bad Horsie and Contour – so you are ready to take on any song, lick, solo or rhythm part.

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Just like the Steve Vai signature pedal, george Lynch’s signature Wah was an instant hit when originally launched, and it also evolved into its second incarnation.

Well, now it reaches yet another stage. It still sounds as great as the George Lynch Dragon 2 signature pedal, but this Custom Shop Version has the new smaller footprint – and a cool yellow/purple tiger stripe design that will draw your feet toward it.

The sound is every bit as sharp as the looks, and while it will not take a bite out of you, your sound will get an edge and the attitude you need to enter Wah Nirvana!

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Mini Kiko Loureiro Switchless Wah

This little green monster of a pedal was designed in collaboration with Kiko Loureiro of Megadeth.

We’re talking Wah tone that has been tailored to match Kiko’s tone and personal sweep preference. And of course you get the switchless design that allows you to simply step on the pedal to activate it and let go of it to enter bypass mode.

This is the perfect Wah pedal for – but definitely not limited to – all things metal.

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