Chris Cannon
Band: The Cannon Brigade
Pedals: 20/20 Lead Wah, 20/20 Wah Lock, Michael Amott Wah

“I just want everyone to know about the awesome Morley line of pedals!”

Joss Allen
Guitar Bros Demos
Pedal: 20/20 Classic Wah

“Apart from being a true fan of the brand and
loving the sound, being with Morley is like being
with family; they look after me really well, the guys that
work there are amazing. The lineage of the company is unreal
and just being part of it all in a tiny way is unreal!”

Matt Novitsky
Band: Minus July
Pedal: Dual Bass Wah

“I choose Morley for three reasons…
Tone, efficiency, and functionality.”

Stanley Hood
Bands: Minus July
Pedal: Tremonti Wah

“Morley has always been my go to. They
did especially great with the Tremonti Wah.
Always been a fan of Morley and always will be!”

Christian Olde Wolbers
Bands: Powerflo / Evolution Empire
Pedals: ABY, ABC Switchers

“I have been using Morley products since I joined
Fear Factory in 1993. The Morley switchers have never let
me down in over 20 years, and I’m proud to be a part of
the Morley Family.”

Nick Petty
Bands: Petty Plus, Groove Merchants
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah, ABY, Mini Volume Plus

“I love using Morley pedals because they offer high quality
and consistency. I can always count on my pedals working
and sounding great!”