Steve Purcell
Independent Session & Sideman
Pedals: PDW-II, Distortion Wah-Volume,
ABY, Hum-X

“I’ve been using Morley Pedals ever since I was old
enough to have my own money. They’re easy to
use,sound (and look) incredible, are built like
tanks, and will never fail you.”

Micaiah Caudill
Secret Mezzanine
Pedals: M2 Volume

“Morley pedals are unique in their specialized and
thoroughly crafted designs with the player in mind.”

Robert Greene
Secret Mezzanine
Pedals: M2 Volume

“Morley pedals sleek design and tailored
capabilities fit perfectly into any
musicians tool belt.”

Christopher Hertel
Solo Artist
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah

“I’ve used a lot of Wah pedals in the past, and
none of them have the tone and playability
that Morley Wah pedals have. These pedals are
built like tanks and are always dependable.
To me tone is everything and Morley delivers the tone.”

Ben Lerner
Band: Riddle House, dUg Pinnick
Pedals: Mini Bad Horsie 2 Wah, Dual Boost Distortion

“I love the tone and wide sweep I get out of this wah!
The fact that it’s switchless, mini and durable makes it
super practical for live use and on my pedal board.”