Wes Grissom
Band: Ancient Sins
Pedal: Tremonti Wah

“Morley pedals are not only user friendly but
the tone generated is second to none.
The Boost of the Tremonti Wah really brings
your guitar over the top of the mix and
allows your solos to cut through.
This Wah was the right one for me.”

Christian Martucci
Bands: Corey Taylor, Stone Sour, Solo Artist
Pedals: Bad Horsie, ABY Pro

“Morley’s products are legendary and provide
the sound and durability to withstand years of
loving abuse on the road and in the studio.
They have become an irreplaceable staple in my tone!”

Bowen Benedict
Solo Artist
Pedal: Bad Horsie 2

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Morley pedals.
As far as I’m concerned, they’re the only way
to truly express yourself. There are zero
obstacles when it comes to using Morley.”

Ivan Hardy
Band: Kill the Standards, Metalfier, Quantum Split
Pedal: Power Fuzz Wah

“I love my Power Fuzz Wah. It’s a staple on my pedalboard
and I can always rely on it for multiple applications.
It can get funky when needed, and then totally rip
and cut through a mix as well. It’s that versatile.
Morley knew what they were doing with this pedal!”

Nicole Papastavrou
Band: Kallias
Pedals: 20/20 Wah Boost

“I’m a fan of using a Wah during solos, but not
a fan of having to push a boost AND a Wah in
time to get the effect I need. With the Morley Wah
Boost, the Boost and Wah activate together, and no
need to switch Wah on or off. Less time messing
with buttons, more time shredding!”

Dominik Prykiel
Bands: Hate, Extinct Gods, Vedonist
Pedals: Bad Horsie 2

“Sounds awesome, built like a tank, best Wah ever.”