Nicole Papastavrou
Band: Kallias
Pedals: 20/20 Wah Boost

“I’m a fan of using a Wah during solos, but not
a fan of having to push a boost AND a Wah in
time to get the effect I need. With the Morley Wah
Boost, the Boost and Wah activate together, and no
need to switch Wah on or off. Less time messing
with buttons, more time shredding!”

Dominik Prykiel
Bands: Hate, Extinct Gods, Vedonist
Pedals: Bad Horsie 2

“Sounds awesome, built like a tank, best Wah ever.”

Charlie Bellmore
Bands: Dee Snider, Kings and Liars, Jasta
Pedals: 20/20 Bad Horsie, 20/20 Wah Lock, Power Fuzz Wah

“Since I first smashed down one I knew right away, this
is what a wah is supposed to sound like.”

Chris Cannon
Band: The Cannon Brigade
Pedals: 20/20 Lead Wah, 20/20 Wah Lock, Michael Amott Wah

“I just want everyone to know about the awesome Morley line of pedals!”

Joss Allen
Guitar Bros Demos
Pedal: 20/20 Classic Wah

“Apart from being a true fan of the brand and
loving the sound, being with Morley is like being
with family; they look after me really well, the guys that
work there are amazing. The lineage of the company is unreal
and just being part of it all in a tiny way is unreal!”

Matt Novitsky
Band: Minus July
Pedal: Dual Bass Wah

“I choose Morley for three reasons…
Tone, efficiency, and functionality.”

Stanley Hood
Bands: Minus July
Pedal: Tremonti Wah

“Morley has always been my go to. They
did especially great with the Tremonti Wah.
Always been a fan of Morley and always will be!”

Christian Olde Wolbers
Bands: Powerflo / Evolution Empire
Pedals: ABY, ABC Switchers

“I have been using Morley products since I joined
Fear Factory in 1993. The Morley switchers have never let
me down in over 20 years, and I’m proud to be a part of
the Morley Family.”

Nick Petty
Bands: Petty Plus, Groove Merchants
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah, ABY, Mini Volume Plus

“I love using Morley pedals because they offer high quality
and consistency. I can always count on my pedals working
and sounding great!”