Band: American Standard
Pedal: Bad Horsie

“Seriously the Baddest, most durable and most sensitive Wah
I’ve ever had. As a solid working musician that plays in all
kinds of environments, it never let me down. Plus, the Switchless
operation is so much better then having to stomp it on and off.”

Solo Artist
Pedals: Bad Horsie 2, Dragon 2 Wah, Little Alligator

“I have been using Morley pedals since I
started playing because they are indestructible
and sound amazing!”

Band: Vixen
Pedal: 20/20 Bad Horsie

“The best tone, easiest to use, most
durable and the most rockin!“

Band: The Regal Sweet
Pedals: Chorus Flanger, Rotating Wah, Auto Wah

“Morley pedals are not only innovative, but
are extremely versatile. They sound so unique
that they always inspire me to create.
The sonic possibilities are endless!“

Pedal: 20/20 Bad Horsie

“Being able to engage the Wah without
having to hit a switch first is a huge
selling point for me. Being a lead guitarist
and lead vocalist, it’s one less step
for me to take in a live setting.
The Morley 20/20 Bad Horsie also
gives me the best Wah tone & range
for my music. I could not be happier.“

Wes Grissom
Band: Ancient Sins
Pedal: Tremonti Wah

“Morley pedals are not only user friendly but
the tone generated is second to none.
The Boost of the Tremonti Wah really brings
your guitar over the top of the mix and
allows your solos to cut through.
This Wah was the right one for me.”

Christian Martucci
Bands: Corey Taylor, Stone Sour, Solo Artist
Pedals: Bad Horsie, ABY Pro

“Morley’s products are legendary and provide
the sound and durability to withstand years of
loving abuse on the road and in the studio.
They have become an irreplaceable staple in my tone!”