Christian Olde Wolbers
Bands: Powerflo / Evolution Empire
Pedals: ABY, ABC Switchers

“I have been using Morley products since I joined
Fear Factory in 1993. The Morley switchers have never let
me down in over 20 years, and I’m proud to be a part of
the Morley Family.”

Nick Petty
Bands: Petty Plus, Groove Merchants
Pedals: Bad Horsie Wah, ABY, Mini Volume Plus

“I love using Morley pedals because they offer high quality
and consistency. I can always count on my pedals working
and sounding great!”

Anthony Joyner
Bands: Lee Greenwood, Faith Hill, Shania Twain
Pedals: Power Wah Volume, Volume Plus, ABC

“On the fly, the bus or the truck, I need my Morley Wah Volume.”

Jim Martin
Bands: Infectious Grooves, Faith No More
Pedals: Power Fuzz Wah, 20/20 Wah Boost

“I like these better than the old Morleys. The
midrange is tighter and you could run over these
with a truck and they’d be ok.”

AM Dandy
Bands: AM Dandy, Thunderpets
Pedal: Bad Horsie 2

“The Wah pedals by Morley literally make guitars
talk. I never play without my trusted Bad Horsie 2.”

Kyle Ewers
Bands: Freak on a Leash / Fear and Grace
Pedal: Tremonti Wah, Custom Shop Tremonti Wah

“To this day I still use the same Tremonti Wah from 2007!
It has seen everything from practicing in my bedroom, the
recording studio, and many shows on the road. It sounds
even better with time while holding it’s own over the years.
If only it could tell you the stories…”

Mihir Phukan
Band: Mihir Phukan’s Wizard Crossing
Pedal: Bad Horsie Wah, 20/20 Bad Horsie Wah

“As a guitar player we all want to sound like those
legendary guitar players out there. And that’s what
Morley offers. I am in love with my Bad Horsie Wah
pedal and believe me they sound so good.”

Dave Kirslis
Band: Cicada Rhythm
Pedal: 20/20 Power Wah Volume, ABY Pro

“The Morley 20/20 Power Wah Volume really
checks all the boxes, doubling as a Wah and Volume
it saves valuable space on my board. It’s built like a tank
and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty, which is unheard
of in the effects pedal world… No other pedal compares!”

Jerry Salas
Band: El Chicano
Pedal: Power Wah Volume

“Love my Morley pedal because
it has Wah and Volume in one pedal.”