Clint Walker
Bands: The Walker Band
Pedal: Power Wah Volume

“I love my Power Wah Volume.
It has the smoothest control I’ve experienced
by far, plus the bonus of being two pedals in one
makes it a must have on my board. Not having to
pay for the word “Bass” on the pedal was a pretty
sweet bonus too since Morley makes their gear able
to handle anything you plug into it.”

Rex Briones
Bands: IAMREX / Session Musician
Pedal: Bad Horsie 2 Wah

“I’ve had many different effects on my
pedalboard over the years, but nothing
ever has or ever will replace my Morley Wah.”

Will “WilHelmus.!” Sapanaro
Bands: Valence, Surreal Measures
Pedal: Mini Volume Plus

“My Morley Volume Pedal just works.
It’s great because I never have to
think or worry about it. I often overlook
it as a pedal on my board, but I’ve had
it permanently on there for many years
and I can’t imagine it not being there.”

Geoffrey Schaefer
Band: Valence
Pedal: Bad Horsie 2 Wah

“This is hands down my favorite Wah pedal.
I was first attracted to it because of the
Switchless feature, as well as my love
for Steve Vai, but it exceeded my expectations.
I always recommend it when people ask about
a Wah pedal.”

Rashawn Ross
Bands: Dave Matthews Band
Pedal: Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah

“The Morley Mini Dragon 2 Wah is the best
sounding Wah I’ve experienced on the horn.
I love the clarity and it doesn’t change the tone
of the horn. But if I DO want to change the tone,
I hit the WOW! button. Just a really versatile
Wah pedal.”

Jon Munnier
Bands: Anathame, On the Shoulders of Giants
Pedal: Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 Wah

“I’ve loved using Morley Wah pedals for years
because they’re the perfect match for my tone.
I’ve used wah pedals from other companies,
and I just don’t get the same tone, feel or
attitude that I get from Morley products.
They’re the perfect fit for my tone,
and they’re the perfect fit for me!”

Davide Lo Surdo
Solo Artist
Pedal: Little Alligator Volume

“Morley makes the best pedals in the whole world.
Since I started using them, they are the
main part of my gear.”