Photocell (Replacement LDR)

Our pedals are built to last, but sometimes luck isn’t on your side… Whether it’s a flood, fire or a regrettable pedal mod you may need to replace your pedal’s …

USA & EU 9V Power Supply Adapters

Powering your effects has never been easier with the Morley 9V Adapter. It delivers 1000 mA of juice, which can power an entire pedalboard and it only takes up one …

387 Bulbs (Replacement for Tel-Ray Morley Pedals)

Our pedals are sturdy and reliable. Even the near-ancient Tel-Ray Morleys from the 70’s that had a 387 light bulb inside. Obviously they wear out, but fear not, as you can still get these as spare parts and replace them.

Stomp Switch (Replacement DPDT)

Our pedals are sturdy and reliable. In fact, they often last so long – and you love to stomp them so much – that the one part that may get worn out is the actual footswitch. So, we have it as a spare part so you can keep playing our pedals for years and years.