387 Bulbs (Replacement for Tel-Ray Morley Pedals)

Our pedals are sturdy and reliable. Even the near-ancient Tel-Ray Morleys from the 70’s that had a 387 light bulb inside. Obviously there wear out, but fear not, as you can still get these as spare parts and replace them.

Gas Station Multi-Power Supply

Most pedals need some fuel, and then you need a reliable supplier. Our Gas Station is ready to power up to 8 9V pedals and gives you a total current capacity of 600 mA. It comes with 2 ft power cables for 8 pedals, so right out of the box, you’re set to go.

Morley 9V Universal Effect Pedal Adapter

We use regulated adapters. Most other brand adapters are not regulated and will cause your Morley to hum. We use regulated adapters to ensure noise free power and minimize the circuitry in our pedals. This gives our pedals more efficient power and prolongs battery life.

Stomp Switch (Replacement DPDT)

Our pedals are sturdy and reliable. In fact, they often last so long – and you love to stomp them so much – that the one part that may get worn out is the actual footswitch. So, we have it as a spare part so you can keep playing our pedals for years and years.