3 Simple Repairs for Your Vintage Tel-Ray Morley Pedal

Looking to fix up your old-school vintage Tel-Ray Morley pedal? These three simple repairs are commonly needed.


1. Replace Light Bulb

Today we use modern LED technology to power our optical pedals, but back in the 1970’s we used 387 Pilot Light Bulbs. The bulb not only powers the optical circuit but is also used as the On light indicator. If your Pedal isn’t lighting up when plugged in it definitely needs a new bulb. Even if your bulb is still functioning it’s best to replace it and have a couple extra on standby. Click here to order replacements bulbs.


2. Replace LDR and Shutter Tape

Components can wear down over time. The Light Dependent Resistors we use today are much more reliable and consistent. You may notice that we used different sized ones on the vintage models. The modern LDRs can be used in place of either the small or large vintage ones. Click here to order replacement LDRs. We also recommend replacing the shutter tape surrounding the LDRs. If the tape becomes loose it can interfere with the sweep of the pedal. We recommend using common black painters tape.


3. Replace Footswitches

Lastly, you may need a new footswitch. Some of these have been stomped on consistently for 50 years! Click here for replacement footswitches. 


We hope this article helped you get your Pedal back to working condition.

By Bill Wenzloff