The ABY MIX is essentially a 2-Channel Mixer in a robust pedal enclosure. It’s the perfect utility pedal for multi instrumentalists, teachers, and technicians alike. The latest Gold Series version comes with a fresh new look and upgraded, quieter circuitry. It’s also equipped with our premium buffer circuit so no matter how much cable you’re running your tone will be preserved. Having one of these on hand will prepare you for the most common routing needs. It’s a must-have for every musicians tool kit.

Both inputs are routed to each output channel and each output has a bypass switch. The level controls let you mix each input and give you 15dbs to work with. Unity begins at 10 o’clock at the undarkened circle. It runs off a standard 9V power supply and can be powered by a 9V battery in a pinch.

Below is an example for a recording/live setup for switching between instruments. For recording you can route your instrument to an amp and a computer interface to capture both your amp’s tone and an isolated signal for digital modeling or re-amping. For a live setup you can switch between instruments and amplifiers easily, or run the additional output to a PA system.

For our second example, you can use the ABY MIX to use two instruments at the same time. This is an easy solution for teaching a guitar lesson on the same amp or having an impromptu jam with a friend. The level control can tame or boost each instrument’s signal so no matter each guitar’s pickup output you will be able to mix in the right volume. Certain instruments that have dual outputs, such as a Harp, can be mixed in easily to a single output.

These are just a few of many different ways to route the ABY MIX.




  • Routes both Inputs to each Output, and has Bypass switches for each Output
  • Independent level control for each Input with 15dbs to work with
  • Handy LED’s let you know which output is active
  • Premium Buffer Circuit protects your tone from any mischief in your signal chain
  • Powered by a standard 9V power supply or 9V battery
  • Cold Rolled Steel Enclosure for Maximum Protection
  • Dimensions: 6.63″ L x 4.38″ W x 2″ H
  • Current Draw – 2 mA
  • 1 Year Warranty – Please keep your purchase receipt
  • NOT intended for use on powered speaker lines
  • Morley Part Number: ABY-MIX-G