Enter the Dragon’s Dungeon of Tone. George Lynch’s Dragon 2 Wah is back, but only for a limited time… It’s a reissue of George’s famed signature Morley Wah now in a Pedalboard friendly size and sleek new look. Soar into Solo’s with ease with it’s Switchless Activation or Scorch your opponents on command with it’s Wah Lock Function. The WoW mode shifts the envelope of the Wah over to give you a Deep Vocal Wah Tone equivalent to a mighty Dragon’s roar and it’s Premium Morley Buffer protects your tone like a magical veil. Even Better, a few select Pedals will contain a lucky prize. Exclusively available at Pitbull Audio while supplies last.

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  • Exclusive Limited-Edition Reissue Pedal with Pitbull Audio
  • A Select Few Pedals contain a Special Lynch Bucks, each with a Unique Prize
  • Switchless Operation: Simply step on the treadle to engage the Wah and step off to bypass
  • Wah Lock engages the Optical Lock filter emulating a Parked Wah. Slice knob controls the Parked Wah Sweep
  • Loudness control give you up to 15 Decibels of Boost
  • Engineered to save space on your board while maintaining comfort; 6.85” x 4.5” x 2.5” (L x W x H)
  • Morley’s Famous Electro-Optical design. No pots to wear out!
  • Wah Sweep carefully tweaked to George’s preferred settings.
  • Premium Morley Buffer Circuit that protects your tone from any mischief in your signal chain.
  • Special High-Visibility Glow-in-the-Dark Treadle Rubber so you can find your pedal on any stage.
  • Rugged and Lightweight Cold-Rolled Steel Housing for Maximum Protection
  • Standard 9v Operation with quick clip battery door
  • Works with Guitar, Bass or Keys.
  • Morley Part Number: MTGLW2