January 2019 — Morley®, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech® audio solutions, is proud to announce the release of the ABY Pro and ABC Pro selectors. Based off the original Morley® ABY and ABC switchers, these Pro versions are equipped with new features that will help solve issues professional musicians typically encounter while using switching devices.

Included in these new versions are higher enclosures for easier access on crowded pedal boards, custom Morley® isolation transformers, silent switching to prevent pops and bleed, a reverse polarity switch, and a ground lift switch to combat hum that commonly occurs when using switching devices on multiple amps. A high frequency filter also activates when the ground lift is engaged to eliminate unwanted frequencies. It is important to note that these new versions are specifically designed to be used as selectors for multiple amps.

Bill Wenzloff states: “The Morley® ABY Switcher remains one of our best-selling products since it was introduced in 1992. It has become the industry standard in switching. Many years of gathering valuable feedback from our customers led us to develop these new Pro versions to meet the demands of professional musicians across the globe.”

The ABY Pro measures 5” x 3.38” x 2.75” (L x W x H) with a street price of $199 and the ABC Pro measures 6.63” x 4.38” x 2.75” (L x W x H) with a street price of $279 Both are constructed with heavy metal cold-rolled steel, have LED indication, and easy access “Quick Clip” battery doors. Available via Authorized Morley® dealers worldwide.



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